Iron Order Bite off more then they can chew

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Yes by now everyone has heard that the fake cop club Iron Order started problems at the Colorado Bike Expo held on 1-30-16. There was a fight between these wannabees and the Mongols M/C. The Mongols M/C is a class act brotherhood of bikers who were at the expo to enjoy Biking and Brotherhood.

According to news reports one person is dead and several others injured. This is what happens when you have cops trying to play Outlaw Biker on the weekends with a 3 piece patch. Cops don’t get it. Stop trying to be someone your not. You can’t sit there Monday thru Friday wanting to bust us then on the weekends be us. Badge or no Badge you wear them 3 piece patches your going to get the hell knocked out of you by the real deal clubs. Whats even worse is the City Councils and Officials in…

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